My Whole Wrath (CD)


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Our debut album on CD! Featuring ten tracks (plus intro) of pure Death Metal.


01 - Feel… (Intro)
02 - My Whole Wrath
03 - No Time to Die
04 - The Arrival of the Apocalypse
05 - Sleepy Hollow
06 - Dreams of Despair
07 - Arachnophobia
08 - Rot in Demise
09 - Kayako‘s Grudge
10 - Casket Birth
11 - Decay of Time

Totale runtime: 48:07 min

Vocals: Damian
Guitars: Max & Alex
Drums: Chris
Bass: Marco

Mixed and mastered by Jens Förster
Cover artwork by Armaada ART
Samples arranged by Jens Förster
Intro made by Roadkill Music Production

All music written and arranged by Rotting Demise
All lyrics by Damian

All music recorded during September and December 2022 at AMP Studio